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Zeolite x Barite x Peach Stilbite Cluster(as pictured)

Size:  Medium 12 x 8 x 3cm, 314g


What a specimen! This piece is amazing and is one for the crystal lovers. Double sided.


Peach Stilbite has a powerful supporting and loving energy. Stilbite can give you guidance and direction into your self-love journey.


It is particularly helpful for people who suffer from insomnia and for overthinkers. It clears the mind and is an excellent stone for anyone who wishes to gain awareness of their spiritual path.


Peach Stilbite is also a great grounder and healer for anyone who has experienced Loss or Grief. They send out a beautiful loving vibration that will assist in healing the heart encouraging forgiveness and acceptance. Their energy assists in decision making and focuses on moving forward releasing unresolved issues relating to the heart.


Peach Stilbite Healing Properties: 

+ Helps to determine future plans with clearer insight.  

+ They assist in decision making and restoring clarity. 

+ Effective for concentration and focused thought.  


Styling Tip: Place in your sacred space or by the bed. This piece is such a beautiful display piece, as it has three different types of crystals. Place on a display stand or use a mirrored tray so that you can see the other side.

Zeolite x Barite x Peach Stilbite Cluster

SKU: 354
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$140.00Sale Price


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