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Citrine x Smoky Quartz Cluster - as pictured

Size: Small - Approx. 7 x 6 x 5cm, 158g

Notes: Clear clarity with phantom inclusions. This piece is fragile.

Photos are shown of how this piece changes colour depending on the sunlight. They are all pictures of the same piece. 


Smoky Citrine is a mixture of Golden Citrine infused with Smoky Quartz. This stunning variation is used for grounding high vibrations, as it has the properties of two healing crystals, meaning it’s able to draw of negative energy while cleansing and transforming it at the same time. Place these in your sacred space or use with your meditation rituals.


Citrine healing properties:

+ Awakens creativity and imagination

+ Encourages you to enjoy life and manifest wealth and abundance 

+ Inspires fresh beginnings and new pursuits

+ Promotes success in business and career opportunities
+ It encourages generosity and sharing of good fortune


Smoky Quartz healing properties:

+ Grounding

+ Detoxing

+ Transmitting +/vibrations

+ Absorbing -/energy

+ Protection Shield (spiritual realm)

+ Lifts depression

+ Relieves emotional stress and anxiety


Citrine x Smoky Quartz Cluster - Small

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