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Selenite Charging Slabs - XLarge

Size: 15cm Square


High-Quality Satin Spar Selenite Slabs!


Selenite charging slabs are the best way to cleanse your crystals on the go. Not everyone can remember a full moon and sometimes when you've used up all the energy of your crystals, they just need a re-charge, just like you.


Selenite embodies the essence of purity and clarity and is perfect for cleansing and self-love practices. Having them around the house helps to bring out calmness and allows the energy of the house to be refocused and re-cleansed.


Selenite is known for:

+ Cleansing and regeneration of energy

+ Removes negative energies

+ Calms hyperactivity and anxiety

+ Activates dormant abilities

+ Unlocks memory of past and future lives

+ Enhances psychic abilities

+ Accesses angelic consciousness and higher guidance

+ Encourages self-awareness


Styling Tips: These are charging slabs, so place your crystals on them and leave them to cleanse.


*Selenite is super soft so when working with selenite please be mindful and handle them with care - no water. For younger kids selenite pieces need to be placed high in out of reach areas.


Selenite Charging Slabs - XLarge

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