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Lepidolite x Tourmaline x Mica x Albite - Raw (as pictured)

Size: Small - 5.5 x 5 x 3cm, 93g


Green and Pink Tourmaline Inlcusions!


Lepidolite is the stone for new beginnings. It encourages independence and assists you in finding a strong emotional centre. A great stone to help to stimulates all chakras, dissolving energy blocks and for restoring balance in your life.  It can also be used as a worry stone, helping you to ease anxiety and fear.  


Lepidolite is known to: 

+ Encourage independence. 

+ Helps in emotional balance and transition. 

+ Aids in releasing past behavioural patterns. 

+ Calms you when you feel mentally unstable. 

+ Helps you to focus to see things from a different viewpoint. 


Pink Tourmaline is a beautiful soft crystal that inspires us to trust in love and focuses more on self-love!It carries a gentle caring and loving vibrations, protecting you against misfortune and endangerment. 


Pink Tourmaline Healing Properties:  

+ Calms destructive thought while releasing emotional baggage. 

+ Eases anxiety and depression.

+ Helps with sleep. 

+ Comforts, calms and grounds spiritually sensitive children. 

+ Draws in self-confidence and fearlessness.  

+ Attracts love, happiness and joy towards you 

+ Enhance compassion, serenity and balance. 

+ Assist in positive transformation focusing on strength, tolerance, and understanding.  

+ Excellent channelling crystal for communication with your higher self and spiritual guidance. 

Lepidolite x Tourmaline x Mica x Albite - Small

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