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AYIN is made from Tiger Eye and 5 Micron Gold-Plated Silver. Her iris is Ruby.

Measurement (adjustable chain): 38 / 40.5 / 43 cm - It can be worn at different lengths.


Tiger's Eye is a protective stone against the evil eye. This healing stone will allow you to be yourself rather than mixing what you feel with all the energies and emotions that surround you, which is the case with many empaths. Tiger's eye allows us to no longer be influenced by bad energies, whether they are sent voluntarily or involuntarily.


Tiger Eye can also help with confidence. It also is considered a lucky stone, drawing good fortune towards the wearer. Used to help focus the mind, tiger eye assist in good judgement and integrity.  


Tiger Eye Properties:  

+ Brings good luck to the wearer 

+ Helps to balance and focus the mind  

+ Assist in problem-solving and encourages prospective and insight 

+ Builds confidence and deters procrastination 


All the stones are pre-selected and they are all different, which makes EVERY Ayin unique.

Bohemian Rhapsodie Paris - AYIN Tiger Eye Necklace

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