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Amethyst Tower - As Pictured

Size: XSmall - Approx. 5 x 3.5 x 2.5cm, 70g


Amethyst is one super protective crystal that is probably the most used and the most popular gemstone world wide. Place next to the bed for a better and clearer night's rest.


Amethyst Properties:

+ Protection of the home and travels

+ Protection for dangerous jobs or situations (safe return)

+ Purification of the aura, self, and spirit

+ Absorbs and releases toxic or environmental pollutants

+ Alleviate stress and headaches

+ Assist blood circulation, therefore, improving better health

+ Protection from psychic, mental and energy attacks (energy vampires)


Amethyst x Agate Tower - XSmall

SKU: 826
$90.00 Regular Price
$63.00Sale Price


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